The Sports Gene

by David Epstein

Book Reviews

  • .@DavidEpstein is also the author of The Sports Gene, another @NYTimes bestseller (yes, he is an amazing writer!) Highly recommend this book also, particularly for its exploration of the nature vs. nurture debate. to Tweet
  • My conversation with @DavidEpstein on a wide variety of topics, including his books Range and The Sports Gene: -withering technologies brought back to life -to study widely or deeply in one's field -martian tennis -practice Great conversation to Tweet
  • @sajithpai @DavidEpstein I’ve read The Sports Gene. Sure, you may not be an Olympian, but the habits and process still have a ton of value for everyone.Link to Tweet
  • . @SIDavidEpstein has written the ground breaking book on sports , genetics and performance. A must read ! to Tweet

About Book

A Sports Illustrated senior writer's controversial exploration of the genetic underpinnings of athletic success explores the roles of both biology and training, arguing that nature and training are equally necessary components of athletic achievement while considering such topics as race, gender and genetic testing.