The Psychology of Money

by Morgan Housel

Book Reviews

  • Having a good mindset around money is more important than being a good investor. You shouldn’t aspire to be rich (a big spender) but instead to be wealthy (have assets you can liquidate if needed but don’t need to). Control over your time is true wealth to Tweet
  • Wisest investment strategy is to put your money in Vanguard index funds and forget your password. You won’t get massive wins like the person who YOLOed on Bitcoin or $TSLA but you also won’t end up like a Chamath SPAC investor either. Also read this book to Tweet
  • 3/ The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness by Morgan Housel Disclosure: If you have not read this book and the two others above in this thread you are a damn fool. to Tweet
  • Powerful quote from a wonderful book recommended to me recently by @bradkeywell to Tweet
  • The Psychology of Money by @morganhousel I am not the first nor the last person to recommend this superb book. I wish this book existed when I was in my 20s & 30s, so I could have avoided making dozens of money mistakes. As a bonus, it also provides A+ lessons on clear thinking. to Tweet
  • Book 11 Lesson: The most difficult financial skill to acquire is the ability to stop moving the goalpost for “enough” to Tweet
  • "The Psychology of Money" by @morganhousel is such a clear and concise book that covers so many complex concepts around money and investing. Congratulations Morgan!Link to Tweet
  • “Luck and risk are siblings. They are both the reality that every outcome in life is guided by forces other than individual effort.” ~ @morganhousel to Tweet
  • Everyone knows @morganhousel is one of the best writers on the internet. His new book is now available on Amazon. Go buy it and get educated on the psychology of money! to Tweet
  • Been excited for Morgan's inevitable book for a looooong time. Instant buy, can't wait to dive in! to Tweet
  • Release day for @MorganHousel book, The Psychology of Money, is out tomorrow. This is going to be a classic. One of the best books I’ve read, lifetime. The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness. to Tweet
  • Want to read a great book? Go grab @morganhousel’s new one. Started reading this morning and it doesn’t disappoint! to Tweet
  • Oh, and go preorder Morgan’s upcoming book, The Psychology of Money. It’s a great bet. to Tweet
  • I’ve had the privilege of getting to read an advance copy of The Psychology of Money from the fabulous @morganhousel. Go pre-order it right now! Morgan’s insights into the way we think about money are amazing and he sure can spin a compelling narrative. I have writer envy! to Tweet
  • Pre-sale of my book The Psychology of Money is now available: to Tweet