Radical Candor

by Kim Scott

Category: Product Management

Book Reviews

  • This balance is ALWAYS hard, depends on individuals and context, and constantly changing. @kimballscott's book Radical Candor, has a lot of good advice around this issue. https://t.co/lna3WFLthELink to Tweet
  • Okay there’s a clear winner, so I guess maybe it’s finally time to finish Radical Candor. Thanks for helping me choose ❤️ PS - the other 3 books are Range by David Epstein, High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove, and Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. All 4 are enjoyable so far.Link to Tweet
  • @haven2dotnet There are tons of management books to help you learn how to become a better manager - Radical Candor, High Output Management, Crucial Conversations. Strategy comes with time and experience in the field.Link to Tweet
  • Book 18 Lesson: A work culture where criticism is given from a place of caring for one another’s success is scarier but safer. Members of the team feel where their behavior has been deficient, but it ultimately helps everyone get closer to achieving their goals. https://t.co/y9XAJjDZPpLink to Tweet
  • @JamesClear The Practicing Mind Improv Wisdom Inner Game of Tennis Radical Candor Zero to One 5 Love LanguagesLink to Tweet
  • What is Manipulative Insincerity? @kimballscott describes it in her book Radical Candor as - passive aggressive & backstabbing behaviour - where toxic work behaviours come in and often builds up to a point & becomes obnoxious aggression. Learn more 👇 Part 6/8 https://t.co/hxZKPpqdEQLink to Tweet
  • Has anyone read “Radical Candor” or something of that genre? Trying to make our org more honest and not pull punches to be niceLink to Tweet
  • Looking forward to reading Radical Candor by @kimmalonescott. Congrats on the book launch! https://t.co/XGk6R9Xy5nLink to Tweet

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