Vidit Aatrey

Vidit Aatrey

Founder & CEO, Meesho | Our vision is to enable 100M Small Businesses in India to succeed online | Join us: @Meesho_Official


2 Book Recommendations by Vidit Aatrey

  • Introduction: Open sesame -- Alibaba: the emergence of a smart business -- Smart business: the future of strategy -- Network coordination: how interconnected players change the game -- Data intelligence: how machine learning makes businesses smart -- How smart businesses compete: strategic principles -- Automating decisions: establishing the strategic foundation -- Customer-to-business: upending the business model -- Strategic positioning: rethinking value creation -- How smart businesses run: organizational implications -- Self-tuning: making strategic processes smarter -- From managing to enabling: the role of management -- The future of smart business: what it means for you

    Book is "Smart Business" on Alibaba. This book would have been a global bestseller if written by an English writer.

  • Traction

    Gabriel Weinberg

    "Most startups don't fail because they can't build a product. Most startups fail because they can't get traction, "

    In the first few years at Meesho, all new joiners in growth / product used to get this book from me :) @GayatriPYadav