Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned

by Kenneth O. Stanley

Book Reviews

  • Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned, Kenneth Stanley and Joel Lehman This book is about questioning the value of objectives, particularly when it dealing with something audacious and innovative. https://t.co/StTGqfhbNE https://t.co/peijcvB2ksLink to Tweet
  • The anti-goal starter kit: 🎥 Inventing on Principle https://t.co/sRbtuz0ALR 📕 Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned https://t.co/aBJFN7owEv ✍️ Growth Without Goals https://t.co/1z1gJGlpfyLink to Tweet
  • I’m very biased to agree with the premise of this book (it’s very consistent with my “growth without goals” philosophy)…but, it’s really unique. Written by two AI/computer science experts. “Almost no prerequisite to any major invention was invented with that invention in mind” https://t.co/EMl2TXcE9mLink to Tweet
  • @p_millerd @visakanv There’s a book on this that deeply influenced me a few years ago. I should re-read https://t.co/2836WpVjKRLink to Tweet
  • @rudzinskimaciej @IrisVanRooij @zerdeve Considering the openendeness of reality, one has to explore intrinsic motivation rather than objective function. Read: https://t.co/Mal7TuvvxL @kenneth0stanleyLink to Tweet