When Strangers Meet

by Kio Stark

Book Reviews

  • If you would like to read a book that is *actually* about the benefits of talking to strangers. Get this one: (Kio also wrote the foreword to JER 2nd ed) https://t.co/4JhIB2ihVbLink to Tweet
  • Happy Birthday, @kiostark! I'm going to tell everyone to get your awesome book to celebrate your birthday. https://t.co/5IxbuacSi8Link to Tweet
  • If you want to read a good book that is actually about talking to strangers and is by a good, smart, conscientious person: https://t.co/yEsIY9SrFuLink to Tweet

About Book

Argues for the practice of talking to strangers as a way of widening one's experience of the world, addressing the transformative possibilities as well as the political and practical considerations of engaging with strangers in public.

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