Understanding Michael Porter

by Joan Magretta

Category: Business & Economics

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  • 8/ Understanding Michael Porter: the first book you should read on strategy, esp. if you’re in B2B. A fabulous, accessible summary of Michael Porter’s timeless strategy frameworks. Another book I recommend very often to B2B founders and product leaders https://t.co/d64uNmXhJQLink to Tweet
  • More July 2020 book recommendations for product people: 1. Understanding Michael Porter 2. Practical Empathy 3. The Charisma Myth 4. 7 Powers 5. Getting Things Done 6. The Art of Thinking Clearly https://t.co/7A1xviJ2sjLink to Tweet
  • Must-read books on strategy: 1. Understanding Michael Porter, by Joan Magretta 2. 7 Powers, by Hamilton Hemler 3. Good Strategy / Bad Strategy, by Richard P. Rumelt (most of the ideas above have been synthesized from these three books)Link to Tweet
  • Lots of good stuff in the replies to the Tweet below. Makes sense to bookmark. My answer: "Understanding Michael Porter" by Joan Magretta (yes, while the title isn't "inspiring", the content is A+) https://t.co/XSovuixjKx https://t.co/jaHbnHTJizLink to Tweet
  • Founder book recs: Founder's Dilemmas by @noamwass (founder issues) High Growth Handbook by @eladgil (general) Monetizing Innovation by @madhavansf (pricing) Traction by @yegg/@jwmares (growth) Understanding Michael Porter by Magretta (strategy) https://t.co/vlQt8KxQrFLink to Tweet

About Book

Examines and explains the revolutionary business frameworks of Michael Porter, with examples to illustrate and update Porter's ideas for achieving and sustaining competitive success.

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