True Age

by Morgan Levine PhD

Book Reviews

  • Congratulations, @DrMorganLevine! You can find her book (now out) at A deep dive on Morgan’s fascinating work can also be found in our recent podcast together on the FoundMyFitness channel. Episode 72 to Tweet
  • @davidasinclair @DrMorganLevine @Yale @altos_labs Thank you for sharing the episode, David! (You, too, @ydeigin!) It was a great privilege having @DrMorganLevine come on to talk about some of the most exciting advances in the field of aging. Her new book comes out May 3rd: to Tweet

About Book

Cutting-edge research shows how to determine and decrease your true biological age. What if there was a way to measure our biological age? And what if there were strategies to slow down—or even reverse—the aging process? The answers to these questions lie at the heart of the groundbreaking work Dr. Morgan Levine is doing in her lab at Yale. True Age introduces readers to the latest developments in the science of aging and longevity. It provides an in-depth understanding of biological age and the methods now available to estimate our own. It helps us target an individualized plan to eat, exercise, and sleep, as well as pointing to other lifestyle practices like intermittent fasting and caloric restriction that have been shown to slow or reverse the aging process. The goal is to guide every reader toward a personal regimen to keep them as youthful as possible—both inside and out—with low risk, data-driven biohacking. The book gives readers and their doctors unprecedented ways to identify their personalized aging process and increase not only their lifespan but also then their healthspan.