The Sovereign Individual

by James Dale Davidson

Category: Business & Economics

Book Reviews

  • Book 25 Lesson: Social outcomes are shaped by technological and economic progress. Familiarity with the mechanics of a new technology doesn’t improve our ability to predict its ultimate implications. to Tweet
  • THE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL; I read this book 3 years ago, and its shaped my current and future decisions immensely These are 8 lessons and applications to today world that are most relevant to Tweet
  • Took a fresh read of Sovereign Individual - was really ahead of it's time, a lot of original thinking (some really out there stuff too) to Tweet
  • If you're looking for new ideas about the future, I recommend The Sovereign Individual. I've never seen a book with so many correct predictions, and it's inspired a generation of builders, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Here's a free PDF. to Tweet
  • From a book called The Sovereign Individual: "The greatest source of wealth will be the ideas you have in your head." In the Information Age, if you can communicate and share your ideas, you'll be unstoppable. Simple as that. to Tweet

About Book

The authors identify both the likely disasters and the potential for prosperity inherent in the advent of the information age.

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