The Science of Speed The Art of the Sprint

by Tom Tellez

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  • Daily Book Recommendation Title: The Science of Speed Topic: Speed Training Written by Tom Tellez & Carl Lewis in simple language with detailed pictures, it's an effective guide on how anyone can improve their running technique and run faster. Link: to Tweet

About Book

Speed matters in almost every competitive sport. If you want to run your fastest, you must run with the correct technique. The scientific principles of physics and kinesiology - the engineering of the human body - must be used as the foundation for human motion. Dr. Arellano explains the science in a way that's understandable and practical. Then, for the very first time in book form, Hall of Fame Track and Field Coach Tom Tellez applies the science so anyone can coach, learn and correctly execute what it takes to produce maximum speed. Coach Tellez has developed some of the fastest athletes in history, including Carl Lewis, Leroy Burrell, Joe DeLoach, Kirk Baptiste, Mike Marsh, Carol Lewis, Michelle Finn Burrell and Jackie Washington. In this book, you will learn: -The laws of human motion and the science of correct running technique-How correct technique optimizes application of force on the ground and generates speed-The very specific elements to study and train for sprints and distance running-How to identify and correct problems-A consistent vocabulary to use in teaching what to do and why-How to change motor patterns for consistent results-For coaches, the best cues to give your athletes for success The information in this book is applicable for all athletes, regardless of age or gender and can be applied to ANY SPORT that requires speed. While not every athlete will be fast, every athlete can get faster. Stay grounded in the principles, focus on every detail, and strive for consistent, correct execution.