The Rise of Gideon

by Stan Matthews

Category: Fiction

Book Reviews

  • The Most Ignorant Man in America: Love this story about one of my best friends from home who has blockaded all political news since the election. He won’t even read the piece since it lists all the stuff he doesn’t know. (He got a redacted version.) to Tweet

About Book

It is the early 1960s when journalism student Art James first meets Professor Gideon Pratt at a Midwestern university. When Art secures a reporter job after graduation, Gideon summons him, reveals that the university is harboring a Communist cell, and asks Art to write a story about it. Art, driven by his desire to earn accolades, writes the article. But when Gideons name is slashed from the story, Art angrily resigns. Years later, Art lands a job with the New York Dispatch, with help from Gideon who is busy defending an educational foundation from attacks by a little known organization, the Cotterites. After Art reconnects with Gideon and his beautiful colleague/ love interest, Jo Davis, he discovers that feared anti-Communist Harry Cotter once wrote a thesis in praise of Communisma fact that his former professor Silenus Stoddard eventually verifies. Many stories later that include an interview with Cotter himself, Art learns that Cotter is planning a rally in Madison Square Garden. While Art falls for Jo, an infuriated Gideon who blames Silenus for an embarrassing failure prepares to reveal his true self. The Rise of Gideon shares the tale of a public relations guru and an ambitious New York reporter as they work together to expose a vicious society of extremists.

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