The Precipice

by Toby Ord

Book Reviews

  • 18/ @tobyordoxford's book classified different types of existential risks facing humanities and rough odds of them happening. If we prepare against existential risks, we will spread the light of life, culture, and knowledge throughout the universe. to Tweet
  • The world can have a very good future, but there are risks that can mean that we don't have a future at all. We should be thinking about those risks now. Toby Ord's book is about those risks and I very, very much recommend it. to Tweet
  • If you don't believe me, maybe you trust reviewers on Amazon. Here in the UK the book has been out for two weeks and currently @tobyordoxford's book has 15 reviews all of which gave the book 5 stars. to Tweet
  • Toby Ord's book is out and I very much recommend it. It is a careful and comprehensive analysis of one of the most important questions: the existential risks that humanity is facing. Here is the site of the book: And I'll share a few thoughts below. to Tweet
  • And in early March my colleague Toby Ord publishes his book 'The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity’ I’ve read some of his manuscript over the years and if you are interested in existential risk I very much recommend it.Link to Tweet

About Book

'Toby Ord has written a powerfully-argued book that alerts us to what is perhaps the most important - and yet also most neglected - problem we will ever face' Peter Singer'The Precipice separates science from hype and will remain the definitive work on existential risk for a long time to come' Max Tegmark, author of Life 3.0Humanity stands at a precipice. We live at a time of unprecedented innovation. Technology is accelerating faster than at any point in history, granting us ever greater power, and creating ever greater risk. In the twentieth century, we developed the means to destroy ourselves - without developing the moral framework to ensure that we won't.The Precipice introduces us to the risks to humanity's future, from the familiar man-made threats of climate change and nuclear war, to the greater risks on the horizon from engineered pandemics and advanced artificial intelligence. With clear and rigorous thinking, Toby Ord calculates the various risk levels, and shows how our own time fits within the larger story of human history. Can we protect the legacy of the hundred billion who have come before us, and secure a future for the trillions of generations that could follow? What can we do, in our present moment, to face the risks head on? Guided by a positive vision of the long-term future, The Precipice is a call for a new ethical perspective: a major reorientation in the way we see the world, our history, and the role we play in it.