The Mom Test

by Rob Fitzpatrick

Book Reviews

  • What are the books that made you better at 'business'? Define business however you like Here's my top 5 * Influence (@RobertCialdini) * The Effective Manager (@mahorstman) * The Goal (Goldratt) * The Mom Test (@robfitz ) * Thinking in Bets (@AnnieDuke) What are yours? to Tweet
  • The Mom Test by @robfitz Some followers had recommended this book to me before. I finally got around to reading it in 2021. IMO it is a must-read for founders, PMs, engineers, etc. who are building B2B/SaaS products. (will help you avoid many mistakes & get to the Truth faster) to Tweet
  • @RainaShohit I've recommended some books in the thread below (I'd add The Mom Test by @robfitz to this list as a must-read, particularly for B2B product people) to Tweet
  • This summary thread of @robfitz’s book by @louispereira is superb. Just ordered the book. to Tweet
  • Summary of top recommendations: 🥇 Inspired, by @cagan ( 🥈The Mom Test, by @robfitz ( 🥉 User Story Mapping, by @jeffpatton ( Many more excellent recommendations in the thread below 👇Link to Tweet
  • On the matter of discussing "turpentine", The Mom Test has been one of the most helpful books I've read in improving my ability to talk to users & understand what they care about. I thought I was pretty good until I read it: to Tweet