The Mind Is Flat

by Nick Chater

Book Reviews

  • We can either interpret all intelligence as being shallow. Alternatively, we can interpret general intelligence as a process that leads to unbounded creativity. to Tweet
  • @hardmaru Quite frankly, I more often wonder whether we human beings are actually conscious. I suspect the Turing Test is malformed; it's too easy to trick people; this raises a lot of interesting and disconcerting questions. See also: to Tweet
  • 8/ My top 3 picks for the year: - Inner Presence (book on consciousness) - The Entangled Life (book on fungi) - The Mind is Flat (book on mind)Link to Tweet
  • Finished reading The Mind is Flat by @nickjchater and here are my notes from the #book. (brace yourself for 50+ tweets 🧵) to Tweet