The Machine Learning Crash Course

by Dawson Barnes

Book Reviews

  • @itsMeSriq If Andrew's course feels too heavy, try "Machine Learning Crash Course" (google it.) It's free. It's more developer-oriented. I don't have recommendations for math books (the Internet has done a good job for me.) If you care about Statistics, the "The Cartoon Guide..." is good.Link to Tweet

About Book

This Book Might Make Your Realize That You Can Become And Make Something Out Of Nothing Try This Book From Dawson Barnes Who Have Researched Over The 5 Years About Essential Element In The Tech World"Whether or not you know it, odds are that machine learning powers applications that you use every day," says Bill Brock, VP of engineering at Very. "Machine learning has revolutionized countless industries; it's the underlying technology for many apps in your smartphone, from virtual assistants like Siri to predicting traffic patterns with Google Maps."Perhaps you care more about the accuracy of that traffic prediction or the voice assistant's response than what's under the hood - and understandably so. But as machine learning use cases continue to increase, you will find yourself needing to explain at least the basics of the technology to folks outside of IT, whether it's to get buy-in, to showcase the work of your team, or simply to build better communication and understanding between departments. Your understanding of ML could also bolster the long-term results of your artificial intelligence strategy.Grab A Copy Now To Know Machine Learning