The Jewish State

by Theodor Herzl

Book Reviews

  • Nothing against Stephenson, he’s amazing. But the inspiration for the Network State is not really the fictional Snow Crash, it’s the very real state of Israel. That country was started by a book. And Herzl’s original is worth rereading today. to Tweet
  • @aeyakovenko 🙂I like cartoons too, but here are some real-life references: 1) Der Judenstaat: 2) Imagined Communities: 3) Invisible Countries: 4) Communistic Societies of the United States: to Tweet

About Book

Originally published in 1896 as Der Judenstaat, The Jewish State has taken its place among the likes of The Communist Manifesto and Common Sense as polemic writings which have changed modern history. Theodor Herzl’s advocacy for a separate, independent Jewish state as a remedy for centuries of hostility and persecution served as the basis for modern Zionism. And though his vision would not be realized in his lifetime, it did set the course for the creation of the Israel we know today. This edition, based on the original translation to English by Sylvie D’Avigdor, includes an introduction by Alan Dershowitz, who is among Israel’s most prominent and most vocal scholars defenders. The Harvard law professor, who has been calledIsrael’s lead lawyer in the court of public opinion, discusses The Jewish State’s place in history and its impact today.