The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out

by Clayton M. Christensen

Book Reviews

  • In his book "The Innovative University" Clayton Christensen explains that college is designed around four years to get a degree because at the time Harvard needed revenue from the extra year. to Tweet
  • @Austen @jmj @Keith_Wasserman 2011 I was asking about the data about the past 5 years of closures -- "1,200 colleges" which doesn't seem supported unless you are counting the strip mall location of a "college" with 100 of those "campuses", as 100 which the data counts as 1.Link to Tweet

About Book

The Innovative University illustrates how higher education can respond to the forces of disruptive innovation , and offers a nuanced and hopeful analysis of where the traditional university and its traditions have come from and how it needs to change for the future. Through an examination of Harvard and BYU-Idaho as well as other stories of innovation in higher education, Clayton Christensen and Henry Eyring decipher how universities can find innovative, less costly ways of performing their uniquely valuable functions. Offers new ways forward to deal with curriculum, faculty issues, enrollment, retention, graduation rates, campus facility usage, and a host of other urgent issues in higher education Discusses a strategic model to ensure economic vitality at the traditional university Contains novel insights into the kind of change that is necessary to move institutions of higher education forward in innovative ways This book uncovers how the traditional university survives by breaking with tradition, but thrives by building on what it's done best.

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