The Hard Thing About Hard Things

by Ben Horowitz

Category: Product Management

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  • @bhorowitz has written about this dynamic. Technology as a pro-social channel for revolutionary energies. to Tweet
  • Some more thoughts/resources👇🏾 I first started thinking about this topic after listening to The Hard Thing About Hard Things. In it, @bhorowitz talks about how it's hard to manage executives because they are super-savvy. Generic mgmt advice doesn't work. to Tweet
  • The audiobook for "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by @bhorowitz is free on Audible with a 30-day trial. Probably the most timely book for CEOs/fund managers, from the offer of this seminal post: to Tweet
  • @muneeb @bhorowitz @jerrycolonna @mattmochary + “Hard Things” book is def one. + Peer/CEO groups + dinners + Working w CEO coach (having someone I could talk honestly about about fears and insecurities about the job)Link to Tweet
  • I read @bhorowitz 's Hard Thing right before joining the team and it is still one of the most real, no BS take on a founder's journey I've ever read. Pre-ordering this right away! The@a16z lobby bookshelf will soon have space enough just for books by a16z folks! to Tweet
  • Reading The Hard Thing about Hard Things and it’s a large dose of humility and empathy for making hard decisions. I find it remarkable how @bhorowitz and @pmarca have got along well for so long especially after many conflicts. That’s the sign of a truly great partnership.Link to Tweet
  • @AbiTyasTunggal 🙏 @reidhoffman Blitzscaling coming out soon: @bhorowitz Hard Things About Hard Things is a classic: Andy Grove's High Output Management is great: to Tweet
  • trust me: if you're a leader in tech, the best thing you can do in 2014 for your company is to read @bhorowitz book: to Tweet

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