The Great CEO Within

by Matt Mochary

Category: Leadership

Book Reviews

  • 3/ The Great CEO Within- VCs love pontificating about strategy. Sometimes founders need practical advice on tactics. This book is the best I've seen at that. Pro-tip: get the book but also use the online resource. @mattmochary to Tweet
  • If you plan to start a company, this is the one single book i recommend you read above all others to Tweet
  • Book 31 Lesson: Teams with formal systems for having priorities flow from leadership to the team and feedback from the team to leadership will inevitably overcome those dependent on unfocused raw talent. to Tweet
  • 19/ There are so many great books on coaching. Here are three that I always recommend to entrepreneurs if there's a desire to go deeper. to Tweet
  • @sonjabl They just need a fully baked system to implement. @mattmochary outlines the system in his book, The Great CEO Within: The Tactical Guide to Company Building to Tweet
  • This book opened my eyes on how to scale a company. Nice work @mattmochary and @maccaw :) to Tweet
  • Excited to see Matt Mochary's book finally come out: I've really enjoyed working with Matt, and have referred a number of people on my team (and other entrepreneurs) to this content as a concise summary of how to build a well run organization.Link to Tweet
  • Most startup advice for scaling companies comes from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. The Great CEO Within is now available and is one of the rare exceptions Look at the list of who @mattmochary has coached. Insane.Link to Tweet
  • New book by Matt Mochary came out today. Preprint went viral on Hacker News a while back. @brian_armstrong and I used parts of this at Coinbase and @naval has used this at several of his companies. We found it helpful! to Tweet

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