The Gray Lady Winked

by Ashley Rindsberg

Book Reviews

  • Read this book. It will show you why we need to replace this nepotist’s corporate “truth” with decentralized truth. to Tweet
  • @APompliano I agree with this. The other part is that they are now being forced to fight for the microphone after a long period of monopolistic dominance, so have gotten much nastier in public. @AshleyRindsberg’s book on the history here is phenomenal. to Tweet
  • Important new book by @AshleyRindsberg. Everyone in tech & crypto should read it. The issues go much deeper than any one story. The core problem is entrusting the determination of truth to some random inherited media corporation, rather than cryptography. to Tweet

About Book

The Gray Lady Winked is an eye-opening, at times shocking look at the 10 instances the New York Times's misreporting, distortions and fabrications changed the course of history.