The Compass and the Nail

by Craig Wilson

Category: Leadership

Book Reviews

  • Giving leadership books to new founders in the @PrimaryVC family is one of my favorite on boarding activities. Earlier I bought ‘The Score Takes Care Of Itself’ and ‘The Compass and the Nail’ for a founder I recently started working with. Both packed w/ lessons from the field. to Tweet
  • Currently reading and enjoying: The Compass and the Nail. How to build a values-led and customer obsessed company. to Tweet

About Book

Brand development and direct marketing expert, Craig Wilson, argues for the responsibility of consumers and the companies they spend money with. It is only through the power of the consumer, and the dedication of businesses to creating responsible and sustainable products, that we will be able to combat the draining of resources and the chemicals behind global warming and air and water pollution. Craig Wilson's The Compass and the Nail lays out a plan for how businesses can use consumer concern for the planet in order to create more successful businesses, while at the same time pushing forward in more sustainable business practices

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