The Beginning of Infinity

by David Deutsch

Book Reviews

  • @wisdomseeker133 The Beginning of Infinity, Chapter 15. Better yet, read the whole book (slowly and carefully).Link to Tweet
  • 13. More: Herb Simon on "The Sciences of the Artificial",, and @DavidDeutschOxf's "Beginning of Infinity", both of which consider the ultimate scope of human understanding and creativity: to Tweet
  • @SambabThapaliya @mattwridley Haven’t read Bacon, huge fan of Deutsch - one of the most important books that I’ve ever re-read.Link to Tweet
  • @pradologue I remember gifting these 3 books to entire @wingify team: - Zero to One - Beginning of Infinity - What got you here won’t get you there One time, there was a theory going around in @wingify that I’m trying to brainwash people through books :)Link to Tweet
  • @ernirulez @nicksporch David Deutsch, “The Beginning of Infinity.” Matt Ridley, “The Rational Optimist.” Nassim Taleb, “Skin in the Game.” Richard Feynman, “Six Easy Pieces.”Link to Tweet
  • @rudzinskimaciej @pp0196 @sir_deenicus @bitking69 But I recommend @DavidDeutschOxf book 'Beginning of Infinity' for an explanation of where the ability for explanation comes from and thus perhaps the G-factor.Link to Tweet
  • @miles_matthias Depends how intense of a book you want. These days I mostly read math, science, science fiction, eastern philosophy, and philosophy written by scientists. My favorite recent discovery is “The Beginning of Infinity,” but resist the urge to go through it too quickly.Link to Tweet

About Book

A pioneer in the field of quantum computation explores the nature and progress of knowledge in the universe, arguing that humans are subject to the laws of physics but unlimited by what can be understood, controlled, and achieved.