The Attention Merchants

by Tim Wu

Book Reviews

  • @AlexReustle Many have made the argument, including writing entire books, that ads based services need toxic & inflammatory content to drive page views. They argue paid content doesn’t need clickbait & misinformation to drive engagement. It’s a silly but popular view. to Tweet
  • I feel guilty confessing this given our books were reviewed together by @nybooks, but I only just now gave @superwuster's 'Attention Merchants' a full read. It's excellent, and will likely live on as the reference history on modern advertising. to Tweet
  • @danielsinger Currently reading The Attention Merchants, highly recommend! IMO, user acquisition has been fully commoditized for awhile Addictive engagement is harder to achieve - Netflix, Slack are obvious breakoutsLink to Tweet

About Book

"From Tim Wu, author of award-winning The Master Switch, and who coined the phrase "net neutrality"--a revelatory look at the rise of "attention harvesting," and its transformative effect on our society and our selves"--