The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

by Jim Dethmer

Category: Leadership

Book Reviews

  • 1. 'The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership' Taught me how to reframe responsibility to take agency, and approac things with an open and curious mindset. It also allowed me to bring emotional vulnerability to work (cont.)Link to Tweet
  • "The team that sees reality best, wins" comes from the A+ book "15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership" by @ConsciousLG I first heard about "Constructive Dissonance" from Hamilton Helmer on the @twentyminutevc podcast by @HarryStebbings (7:18 mark) More: to Tweet
  • Footnote 2: In the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, the authors talk about To Me and By Me (among other things). This is another way of thinking about High Agency. Book: Twitter: @ConsciousLG to Tweet
  • The book that opened my eyes to this is called The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. Building this culture into Atrium has been a very important part of my personal journey.Link to Tweet

About Book

You'll never see leadership the same way again after reading this book. These fifteen commitments are a distillation of decades of work with CEOs and other leaders. They are radical or provocative for many. They have been game changers for us and for our clients. We trust that they will be for you too. Our experience is that unconscious leadership is not sustainable. It won't work for you, your team or your organization in the long term. Unconscious leadership can deliver short term results, but the costs of living and leading unconsciously are great. Fear drives most leaders to make choices that are at odds with healthy relationships, vitality and balance. This fear leaves a toxic residue that won't be as easily tolerated in an increasingly complex business environment. Conscious leadership offers the antidote to fear. These pages contain a comprehensive road map to guide you to shift from fear-based to trust-based leadership. Once you learn and start practicing conscious leadership you'll get results in the form of more energy, clarity, focus and healthier relationships. You'll do more and more of what you are passionate about, and less of what you do out of obligation. You'll have more fun, be happier, experience less drama and be more on purpose. Your team will get results as well. They'll be more collaborative, creative, energized and engaged. They'll solve issues faster, and once resolved the issues won't resurface. Drama and gossip will all but disappear, and the energy and resources that fueled them will be redirected towards innovation and creativity. Any one of these commitments will change your life. All of them together are revolutionary. Leaders who practice the 15 commitments: - End blame and criticism - Speak candidly, openly and honestly, in a way that invites others to do the same - Find their unique genius - Let go of taking everything-especially themselves and their problems-so seriously - Create win for all solutions - Experience a new relationship to time and money where there is always enough What do you need to bring to the table? Be curious. Sounds so simple, and yet in our experience it's a skill few have mastered. Most of us are far more interested in being right and proving it, than we are in learning, growing and shifting out of our old patterns. By default we gravitate towards the familiar. We're asking you to take a chance and explore the unfamiliar. You'll get scared and reactive. We all do. So what? Just stay curious and let us introduce you to a whole new world of leadership.

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