Surfaces and Essences

by Douglas Hofstadter

Book Reviews

  • Human cognition does not revolve around categorization, rather it's based on just-in-time conceptual blending. Douglas Hofstadter identified this as analogy-making. to Tweet
  • I really think the shortest path to human-level AI is operationalizing the insights in this book: to Tweet
  • @FroehlichMarcel @coecke @LimDonghunk Hofstadter's book is a unique treatment of categories: to Tweet
  • Reading this extremely insightful book is a great antidote to the overly simplistic notions of concept learning that currently prevail in ML: to Tweet
  • @miguelalonsojr @MelMitchell1 @lexfridman Read 'Surfaces and Essences' if you want the excruciating detail of analogies. It's a very long book that gets very repetitive. But if you want the gist, head to the last chapter that compares it with 'category making'.Link to Tweet
  • @GaryMarcus @fchollet Perhaps you need to read Hofstadter's latest book . Should tell you what you need to know of what's missing in today's AI. Not symbols... but analogies.Link to Tweet

About Book

Shows how analogy-making pervades human thought at all levels, influencing the choice of words and phrases in speech, providing guidance in unfamiliar situations, and giving rise to great acts of imagination.