Super Founders

by Ali Tamaseb

Category: Business & Economics

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About Book

"Every VC is chasing a unicorn-those billion dollar companies that fundamentally change their industries, and every entrepreneur certainly wants to become one. For Super Founders, author Ali Tamaseb gathered and analyzed 40,000 data points about the 200+ unicorns founded since 2005 and found out what these billion dollar companies and their founders actually looked like. And you'll be surprised by what he discovered. Half of unicorn founders are over 35. Most founders don't have any directly relevant work experience in the industry they're disrupting. There's no disadvantage to being a solo founder. Sixty percent of billion dollar companies are started by repeat entrepreneurs, many of whom already have at least one $50M+ exit under their belt. And over half of unicorns were competing with multiple incumbents at the time of their founding. What we thought we knew about these companies doesn't turn out to be true, which has serious implications for both the kinds of startups that get funding and the for the kinds of people who decide to start companies in the first place. Super Founders gives readers an unprecedented look not just at what the data tells us about the world's most successful startups and the people who create them, but also at those companies and founders themselves, many of which are not well-known among the general public. A blend of data, analysis, stories and exclusive interviews, the book is a paradigm-shifting guide for entrepreneurs and the investment community. You may look more like a Super Founder than you think!"--

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