Secrets of Sand Hill Road

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  • @larsboehnke This book explains it well: To understand how venture-funded companies work, you need to understand how VC returns work (and how they manage to usually outperform other investment categories, at least the past few decades)Link to Tweet
  • I am not impartial, but @skupor book “Secrets of Sand Hill Road” is a great manual explaining the mechanics of venture capital in 2019. Especially useful for people outside the Silicon Valley ecosystem wondering why their angel investor wants 50% and a 3X liquidation preferenceLink to Tweet
  • Want to learn the deepest secrets of Silicon Valley and venture capital? Pick up my partner @skupor's new tell-all book here! --> to Tweet
  • Very excited for @skupor's new book! "Secrets of Sand Hill Road". @a16z team has great books. to Tweet

About Book

"Venture capitalist Scott Kupor explains what start-up entrepreneurs need to know about venture capital. He answers such questions as who gets a pitch meeting and who doesn't, and which metrics should you stress in a presentation, and which should you ignore. Includes a sample Term Sheet"--