Sacred Fragments

by Neil Gillman

Book Reviews

  • @Pooch7171 This book which, despite the current hideous cover, is a wide-ranging rumination on modernity and (mostly) Jewish spirituality. From the Conservative Jewish tradition. to Tweet
  • I wonder how many followers I'd lose if this account turned into a Jewish book discussion. In further news, 'Sacred Fragments' by Neil Gillman is an excellent self-debate around empiricist modernity vs. revealed covenantal monotheism. to Tweet

About Book

The modern Jew, living in a world of shattered beliefs and competing ideologies, is often confronted with questions of faith. Sacred Fragments is for those who still care enough to continue the struggle. In forthright, nontechnical language the author addresses the most difficult theological questions of our time and shows that there are still viable Jewish answers for even the greatest skeptics.