Rise and Kill First

by Ronen Bergman

Book Reviews

  • Israel has maintained a targeted killing program since before it existed. A prior example was the civilian intimidation and assassination of the German scientists helping Egypt build a rocket program. @ronenbergman's book is the epic history. https://t.co/aSZZffFGUlLink to Tweet
  • "If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." -Babylonian Talmud I'm reading 'Rise and Kill First' by @ronenbergman. Please remind me to never piss off the Israeli state. https://t.co/j07Ff3Rv3DLink to Tweet

About Book

Presents an assessment of Israel's state-sponsored assassination programs that evaluates the protective beliefs that are instituted into every Israeli citizen, the role of assassination in the state's history, and the ethical challenges of Israel's policies on targeted killings.