by Colonna Jerry

Book Reviews

  • 8/ Reboot- Leadership and the Art of Growing Up. Get an executive coach. Also- read this book. Many of the difficult emotions and situations you’ll wrestle with are addressed here. @jerrycolonna to Tweet
  • 19/ There are so many great books on coaching. Here are three that I always recommend to entrepreneurs if there's a desire to go deeper. to Tweet
  • .@JerryColonna's book Reboot is dedicated to his 3 children. Having shared his deepest struggles in the book, Jerry shares what their reactions were to the book. Part 5 of 6 to Tweet
  • Just purchased @jerrycolonna's new book "Reboot." I've never met Jerry but just in cutting two podcasts w/ him & that prep, he's been incredibly impactful. This is not your normal book promo video, either: to Tweet
  • Should you buy @jerrycolonna book? Yes, if you are any one of the following: 1️⃣ a CEO 2️⃣ a leader 3️⃣ a human to Tweet