Rainbows End

by Vernor Vinge

Book Reviews

  • More: + The Sciences of the Artificial + Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming (the first Norvig book, not the second) + Edward Abbey + The Sermon on the Mount + "The Starship and the Canoe" + Freeman DysonLink to Tweet
  • Many of these books had a transformative effect on me. I'll read something like Deschooling Society, be transformed; and then I meet someone else decades later who loved it, and we're both instantly in a club!Link to Tweet
  • What are some books where you it makes you happy & excited when you learn they're a favourite of someone else? A few for me, no particular order + Watership Down + Governing the Commons + Deschooling Society + A Civil Campaign + Last and First Men, or Starmaker + Rainbows EndLink to Tweet

About Book

La Californie, au milieu du XXIe siècle. Dans un monde où dominent l'informatique et le cyberespace, un dangereux procédé de contrôle des esprits est élaboré. Le chef des services secrets européens est derrière ce procédé appelé V-D-M-C (Vous-Devez-Me-Croire). Robert Gu, le plus grand poète américain, se trouve mèlé à l'affaire...