Private Truths, Public Lies

by Timur Kuran

Book Reviews

  • If you haven’t read @timurkuran book Private Truth Public Lies, now’s the time. Unwind of mass preference falsification can happen VERY fast and hit with extraordinary force. to Tweet
  • Actions are in general more costly than words, but not always. In communist countries, there were plenty of things you couldn't say without punishment, but that you could act on, kind of. Public lies, private truths. to Tweet
  • The best book on this is the academic but very readable 'Private Truths, Public Lies' by @timurkuran. What tangled webs we weave, when we all try to fit in while under the gaze of a crowdsourced panopticon. to Tweet
  • The viral premium placed on performative belief by social media only makes the delta between falsified and revealed preference only grow. The key work here is Kuran's 'Private Truths, Public Lies', which delineates the phenomenon in academic depth. to Tweet
  • "Private Truths, Public Lies: The Social Consequences of Preference Falsification" - nuanced look into what people do to fit into larger groups. Out of print but incredibly relevant to 2018. to Tweet