Poor Charlie's Almanack

by Charles T. Munger

Book Reviews

  • @saroff_nyc @BigRiverCapita1 @DarkfireCapital Janet Lowe wrote a biography of Charlie Munger. https://t.co/zPRhl0GyRL Poor Charlie's is a collection of essays: https://t.co/qcwRDmB3am My Munger book is an analysis. I tried to use his approaches as instructional examples. I said up front: this book is not a biography.Link to Tweet
  • @insearchofyield @honam Peter Lynch's books, Poor Charlie's Almanack and some of the books on Warren BuffettLink to Tweet
  • New Blog Post about the Navalmanack: "6 Books that Inspired the Navalmanack" It’s amazing to see how what we read... determines who we are... which determines what we do… https://t.co/G9n9IdFxls https://t.co/cZWQKGe88tLink to Tweet
  • @BooksChatterBot This is a cool idea! Please add all the books found at the following link. These are the best of the best - the top 5% of what is now over 600 books read and summarized https://t.co/SP0CSgfSzTLink to Tweet
  • @marty_wash 1. Poor Charlie's is a compilation of writing and speeches in the raw. 2. My book is a complete explanation of Charlie's system 3. Damn Right is a biography Each book is quite different.Link to Tweet
  • I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF POOR CHARLIE’S ALMANACK (thank you, @ishaanpreet, best birthday present ever!) 🤩 https://t.co/n59WstQHNHLink to Tweet
  • @GehanFathi Psychology - Poor Charlie’s almanack and influence by cialdini. Biology - autobiography of Charles Darwin and Dawkins’ Selfish Gene. Almost a cliche they’re so popular but there’s a reason.Link to Tweet
  • @sahilkukreja9 Books: Damn Right, Poor Charlie's Almanack: https://t.co/OgKd4JKqf2 Talks: Pscyhology of Human Misjudgement, USC Commencement Speech, (on youtube) Links: https://t.co/0GzWkzmjZWLink to Tweet