Pale Rider

by Laura Spinney

Book Reviews

  • Fascinated by this tidbit from @lfspinney's book on the Spanish Flu. Curious if Trump even knows his own connection to that outbreak? to Tweet
  • so painful to read this book about the spanish flu and the lessons that we should have learned and clearly have not from pale rider to Tweet
  • to try to get my brain off the twitter news cycle, getting back into books... just finished the perfect predator (epidemiologist’s memoir about fighting a superbug). concurrently reading silence of the girls (trojan war retelling), and just started pale rider (about spanish flu)Link to Tweet
  • Four books on the Spanish Flu. 1) The Great Influenza: 2) Pale Rider: 3) Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918: 4) Pandemic 1918: to Tweet