My Family and Other Animals

by Gerald Durrell

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Book Reviews

  • @TathagataChatt2 @Alfred_Prufrock Very very readable and fun. They, along with My Family & Other Animals were my comfort booksLink to Tweet
  • @nathanbraun I knew people would ask that, and the problem is that it would take an essay to answer. An essay I will definitely write. Meanwhile: My Family and Other Animals, The Conquest of Gaul, Franklin's autobiography.Link to Tweet
  • @devonzuegel My Family and Other Animals. (I was disappointed. Most of his other books aren't about his family, and I didn't like those as much.)Link to Tweet

About Book

A memoir of an English boy growing up on the Greek island of Corfu recounts the author's humorous adventures as he collects all kinds of animals and insects and brings them back to the house, much to his family's dismay.