by Peter Godfrey-Smith

Book Reviews

  • In our midst is an endless variety of general intelligence occupying an endless diversity of niches. Conscious minds are a consequence of living in this world. to Tweet
  • The books in order of my reading: "Metazoa", "Journey of the Ming", "Being You" written by an Australian, Americans and a Brit. All the books revolve around the explanation of minds of living beings. I recommend reading them all because surprisingly the stories are not the same.Link to Tweet
  • Metazoa is also a very good book, much better than Godfrey-Smith's previous book. I do recommend reading 'Journey of the Mind' and then reading Metazoa after. The former starts with a stronger foundation. to Tweet
  • Finished reading this #book on animal consciousness. This book is more journalistic in style than a strictly scientific account. I've been diving deep into the subject, so didn't learn a lot of new ideas but someone who's curious about animal consciousness, it's a good overview. to Tweet
  • I just read two interesting books about brains "How We Learn" by Dehaene and "Metazoa" by Godfrey-Smith. I am surprised to find that Grothendieck is described in both books. I've only heard of the name in passing, so I'm definitely missing something! to Tweet