Measure What Matters

by John Doerr

Book Reviews

  • OKRs need to be owned by individuals or specific teams to ensure accountability. For speculative stuff, first target should be a ship deadline then afterwards revenue or usage goals. to Tweet
  • I just finished reading Measure What Matters. Felipe's review is fair - roughly half the examples of key results are lists of activities rather than business results. However, there are other big benefits of OKR's, and the book does a good job overall - worth reading. to Tweet
  • I read "Measure What Matters" by @johndoerr today. My notes: 1. OKRs should be transparent. 92% of employees are more motivated to hit goals if teammates see their progress. 2. The most powerful OKRs stem from outside the C-suite. 3. Annual performance reviews are not enough.Link to Tweet