Maybe This Will Help

by Michelle Rial

Book Reviews

  • My wife’s book is out today 🙌🙌🙌 A few early reviews : “Feels like a hug from a friend (with charts!!)” “This slim volume packs a big emotional impact” “Upon finishing this book I find myself full of contentment.” to Tweet
  • “I expected Maybe This Will Help to be another wryly funny book of cleverly-designed graphics. And it is—but what I was not expecting were the deeply personal essays that elevate it from a clever coffee table book to something more thought-provoking and more, well, helpful.” ❤️ to Tweet
  • Oh btw you can pre-order her new book (including 100+ more illustrations like this) here to Tweet
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About Book

"A book of humorous charts on serious topics, fun distractions from the big issues, and personal essays on the author's struggles with chronic pain, grief, and anxiety"--