Math with Bad Drawings

by Ben Orlin

Book Reviews

  • "Math with Bad Drawings" is a fresh and intuitive perspective on Math! For those who love machine learning, this book will help you look at Math like you've never done before. And it covers plenty of Probabilities and Statistics! Can't miss it! Link: to Tweet
  • I started reading "Math with Bad Drawings," and I'm obsessed with it. Such a fresh, different, and intuitive perspective! For those that love machine learning, the book covers Probabilities and Statistics. Highly recommended! to Tweet

About Book

Smart, hilarious, and engaging, MATH WITH BAD DRAWINGS is a delightful re-education in math that empowers readers with a joyful appreciation and powerful understanding of how math works in our daily lives. In MATH WITH BAD DRAWINGS, Ben Orlin answers math's three big questions: Why do I need to learn this? When am I ever going to use it? Why is it so hard? The answers come in various forms-cartoons, drawings, jokes, and the stories and insights of an empathetic teacher who believes that math should belong to everyone. Eschewing the tired old curriculum that begins in the wading pool of addition and subtraction and progresses to the shark infested waters of calculus (AKA the Great Weed Out Course), Orlin instead shows us how to think like a mathematician by teaching us a new game of Tic-Tac-Toe, how to understand an economic crisis by rolling a pair of dice, and the mathematical reason why you should never buy a second lottery ticket. Every example in the book is illustrated with his trademark "bad drawings," which convey both his humor and his message with perfect pitch and clarity. Organized by unconventional but compelling topics such as "Statistics: The Fine Art of Honest Lying," "Design: The Geometry of Stuff That Works," and "Probability: The Mathematics of Maybe," MATH WITH BAD DRAWINGS is a perfect read for fans of illustrated popular science.

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