Les Schwab Pride in Performance

by Les Schwab

Book Reviews

  • @SuperMugatu If you want a less well-known book: "If you want to read one book that will demonstrate really shrewd compensation systems in a whole chain of small businesses, read the autobiography of Les Schwab." Charlie Munger, Berkshire AGM 2004 https://t.co/aiay1TLgfSLink to Tweet
  • @m2jr I'll be different and say: "Les Schwab Pride in Performance: Keep It Going" https://t.co/aiay1TLgfS This is a book about running a business rather than an investing or finance book. It is similar to Shoe Dog. Bill Gurley's business book list is solid: https://t.co/Q2KoA0sAhhLink to Tweet
  • "It’s an interesting book, and, you know, selling tires, how do you make any money doing that?" Warren Buffett ~$25 used https://t.co/aiay1TLgfSLink to Tweet