Korea in an era of growth

by Trenholme J Griffin

Book Reviews

  • @amcafee @benedictevans The rise of software eclipsed hardware and new competing Tigers like Korea copied and improved the Japanese model. I was living in Seoul then and saw it happen. My book about the shift is: https://t.co/pZFBhB1VjNLink to Tweet
  • @LibertyRPF This book was written by me in 1987 and published by Euromoney in 1988 pre-Internet. The manuscript was created on a Wang word processor by day and an Apple 2 at night (sent to the publisher on floppy disks). Most correspondence with Euromoney was by Telex.https://t.co/pZFBhB1VjN https://t.co/oYP45UHiGOLink to Tweet
  • @ScarrottKalani @Visage_1 @jmj I have written a book on Korea and Taiwan, but nothing specific yet on Japan. https://t.co/pZFBhB1VjNLink to Tweet