High Output Management

by Andrew S. Grove

Category: Business & Economics

Book Reviews

  • On decisions: • What decision needs to be made? • When does it have to be made? • Who will decide? • Who needs to be consulted prior to making the decision? • Who will ratify or veto the decision? • Who needs to be informed of the decision? https://t.co/qAy0zlR0N8Link to Tweet
  • High Output Management, for operating (this is a classic, still phenomenally good and relevant, but of the two, I believe Working Backwards is better suited for modern tech companies) https://t.co/vpxSeCl5COLink to Tweet
  • For founders transitioning to becoming managers. Here are three books worth reading. https://t.co/lf2dFVTnQsLink to Tweet
  • If you’re in product management and only follow one person on Twitter it should be @shreyas. His book recommendations per career stage has been my favorite advice IC PM : 7 Habits of Highly Effective People PM Lead: High Output Management PM Director/VP/CPO: 7 PowersLink to Tweet
  • Okay there’s a clear winner, so I guess maybe it’s finally time to finish Radical Candor. Thanks for helping me choose ❤️ PS - the other 3 books are Range by David Epstein, High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove, and Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. All 4 are enjoyable so far.Link to Tweet
  • @haven2dotnet There are tons of management books to help you learn how to become a better manager - Radical Candor, High Output Management, Crucial Conversations. Strategy comes with time and experience in the field.Link to Tweet
  • 6 books within reach and 6 tags https://t.co/tpjgazRG0a @GavinSBaker @MorrowBailey1 @LibertyRPF @MinionCapital @NonGaap @Alex_Danco https://t.co/iNy9ilwyNcLink to Tweet
  • 1/ Books: • Escaping the Build Trap by @lissijean • The Messy Middle by @scottbelsky • Crossing the Chasm by @geoffreyamoore • Product-led Growth by @wes_bush • 7 Powers by Hamilton W. Helmer • High Out Management by Andy GroveLink to Tweet
  • @bjc290 @zebulgar I cited both in the lecture. High Output Management w a dose of the Score Takes Care of Itself. Add Loonshots.Link to Tweet
  • @AbiTyasTunggal 🙏 @reidhoffman Blitzscaling coming out soon: https://t.co/uXZhkezINO @bhorowitz Hard Things About Hard Things is a classic: https://t.co/1rhRdO0jcy Andy Grove's High Output Management is great: https://t.co/zBJkP6z2tHLink to Tweet

About Book

The president of Silicon Valley's Intel Corporation sets forth the three basic ideas of his management philosophy and details numerous specific techniques to increase productivity in the manager's work and that of his colleagues and subordinates

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