High Growth Handbook

by Elad Gil

Book Reviews

  • 2/ High Growth Handbook- An absolute wealth of helpful information from leaders on the most important topics you'll face as a founder. I refer to it often. @eladgil https://t.co/QQrhG2fgqx https://t.co/9Kh9th0NFALink to Tweet
  • Managers need to write README files so everyone can work better together 👌 First read about this in @eladgil’s High Growth Handbook https://t.co/1MkgBiPCUDLink to Tweet
  • All the startup advice you read from legit places (YC, High Growth Handbook, etc.) is true. You can learn this shit in books and blogs my friends.Link to Tweet
  • Founder book recs: Founder's Dilemmas by @noamwass (founder issues) High Growth Handbook by @eladgil (general) Monetizing Innovation by @madhavansf (pricing) Traction by @yegg/@jwmares (growth) Understanding Michael Porter by Magretta (strategy) https://t.co/vlQt8KxQrFLink to Tweet
  • Thanks ⁦@eladgil⁩ for the book! Excited to get our growth rate back to the 16x days of yore. https://t.co/xXF5fpsJI9Link to Tweet
  • Plowing through three books at once. Enjoying all three. Mastery @RobertGreene High Growth Handbook @eladgil Traction @GinoWickman https://t.co/LQKjjMDD1nLink to Tweet
  • Just got the book by @eladgil after hearing this, as usual awesome, podcast by @a16z 's @cdixon. Highly recommend! https://t.co/cV84XYkrVbLink to Tweet
  • Update: read about 1/3 of the book last night. Buying 10 copies for my office. https://t.co/nB2bsJYYbuLink to Tweet
  • Pre-order my book on scaling startups on Amazon!! https://t.co/L23Zity1Rx It includes advice on hiring execs, M&A, late stage financing, re-orgs, boards etc And interviews w @reidhoffman @pmarca @sama @naval @patrickc @chughesjohnson @levie @mnaficy @rabois @sstubo @rsanghvi... https://t.co/kX5SF7Q4sVLink to Tweet

About Book

Well known technology executive and angel investor Elad Gil has worked with high growth tech companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Google, Instacart, Coinbase, Stripe, and Square as they've grown from small companies into global brands. Across all of these break-out companies, a set of common patterns has evolved into a repeatable playbook that Gil has codified in High Growth Handbook. Covering key topics including the role of the CEO, managing your board, recruiting and managing an executive team, M&A, IPOs and late stage funding rounds, and interspersed with over a dozen interviews with some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley including Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Marc Andreessen (Andreessen Horowitz), and Aaron Levie (Box), High Growth Handbook presents crystal clear guidance for navigating the most complex challenges that confront leaders and operators in high-growth startups. In what Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn and co-author of the #1 NYT bestsellers The Alliance and The Startup of You calls "a trenchant guide," High Growth Handbook is the playbook for turning a startup into a unicorn.