High Growth Handbook

by Elad Gil

Book Reviews

  • Managers need to write README files so everyone can work better together 👌 First read about this in @eladgil’s High Growth Handbook https://t.co/1MkgBiPCUDLink to Tweet
  • All the startup advice you read from legit places (YC, High Growth Handbook, etc.) is true. You can learn this shit in books and blogs my friends.Link to Tweet
  • Founder book recs: Founder's Dilemmas by @noamwass (founder issues) High Growth Handbook by @eladgil (general) Monetizing Innovation by @madhavansf (pricing) Traction by @yegg/@jwmares (growth) Understanding Michael Porter by Magretta (strategy) https://t.co/vlQt8KxQrFLink to Tweet
  • Thanks ⁦@eladgil⁩ for the book! Excited to get our growth rate back to the 16x days of yore. https://t.co/xXF5fpsJI9Link to Tweet
  • Plowing through three books at once. Enjoying all three. Mastery @RobertGreene High Growth Handbook @eladgil Traction @GinoWickman https://t.co/LQKjjMDD1nLink to Tweet
  • Just got the book by @eladgil after hearing this, as usual awesome, podcast by @a16z 's @cdixon. Highly recommend! https://t.co/cV84XYkrVbLink to Tweet
  • Update: read about 1/3 of the book last night. Buying 10 copies for my office. https://t.co/nB2bsJYYbuLink to Tweet
  • Pre-order my book on scaling startups on Amazon!! https://t.co/L23Zity1Rx It includes advice on hiring execs, M&A, late stage financing, re-orgs, boards etc And interviews w @reidhoffman @pmarca @sama @naval @patrickc @chughesjohnson @levie @mnaficy @rabois @sstubo @rsanghvi... https://t.co/kX5SF7Q4sVLink to Tweet