Hackers & Painters

by Paul Graham

Book Reviews

  • @Ryan_Holdaway @nickmacco @legacybox @ramit If just one: @paulg's Hackers and Painters. Others: The "His Dark Materials" trilogy. "Little Brother" by @doctorow, the Sherlock Holmes books, Oliver Sacks' "On the Move."Link to Tweet
  • Reading this #book by @paulg. Will keep sharing notes in this thread as I go along. https://t.co/8QyMYD9wgzLink to Tweet

About Book

Everything around us is turning into computers. Typewriters, phones, cars, letters, encyclopedias, newspapers, and even your local store are being replaced by the Internet. Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age, by Paul Graham, explains this world and the motivations of the people who occupy it. In clear, thoughtful prose that draws on illuminating historical examples, Graham takes readers on an unflinching exploration into what he calls "an intellectual Wild West."

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