by Tom Alberg

Book Reviews

  • 4/ People acting with purpose can create highly beneficial feedback loops despite the difficulty of making forecasts. Most emergent surprises are positive. If feedback is harnessed in the right way, great things can happen. This book has many examples. to Tweet
  • 1/ The birth of a commercial Internet in 1993,coincided with the start of what I call my "miracle year." In his new book Tom Alberg tells the story of Jeff Bezos convincing him to invest in the Amazon seed round. It's a great story. I was in the building. to Tweet

About Book

Tom Alberg, a venture capitalist who was one of the first investors in Amazon, draws on his experience in Seattle's tech boom to offer a vision for how cities and businesses can build a brighter future together. He explores how cities can soar to prosperity by creating the conditions that encourage innovation.