Devil Take the Hindmost

by Edward Chancellor

Category: Business & Economics

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  • Reco reading for the long weekend. Both works are intricately related. Speculation drives debt drives speculation. The former is an imp work in the context of crypto which gets a bad rap as v speculation driven. Turns out propensity to trade & speculate are as old as civilisation to Tweet
  • @KShannon14 For me it was mostly just the process of becoming a regular reader but here are some books I listed in my first book that had an impact on my thinking as an investor to Tweet
  • @BoozeBreath Not an entire book but this one has an excellent chapter on it to Tweet
  • On today's show we gave some of our favorite books on historical market panics: Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor Once in Golconda by John Brooks The Great Crash 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith to Tweet
  • A fascinating account on how “this time it’s different” keeps on repeating for centuries across different cultures and economies. to Tweet

About Book

Examines stock market speculation since the seventeenth century, discussing the range of motivations of investors and the effects on economies throughout history.

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