Deschooling Society

by Ivan Illich

Book Reviews

  • More: + The Sciences of the Artificial + Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming (the first Norvig book, not the second) + Edward Abbey + The Sermon on the Mount + "The Starship and the Canoe" + Freeman DysonLink to Tweet
  • Many of these books had a transformative effect on me. I'll read something like Deschooling Society, be transformed; and then I meet someone else decades later who loved it, and we're both instantly in a club!Link to Tweet
  • What are some books where you it makes you happy & excited when you learn they're a favourite of someone else? A few for me, no particular order + Watership Down + Governing the Commons + Deschooling Society + A Civil Campaign + Last and First Men, or Starmaker + Rainbows EndLink to Tweet
  • Just ordered Brand's "How Buildings Learn", Illich's "Deschooling Society", Ostrom's "Governing the Commons", Adams's "Watership Down", Lakatos's "Proofs and Refutations", Gleick's "Genius". Six books I love, and hope someone else will enjoy too.Link to Tweet

About Book

Illich suggests radical reforms for the education system to stop its headlong rush towards frustrated expectations and inequalities.

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