Charlie Munger

by Tren Griffin

Book Reviews

  • @juliagalef Deprival Superreaction Hammer Syndrome Inversion Kantian Fairness Tendency Lollapalooza Tendency Loss Aversion Lake Wobegone Effect (see Overconfidence) Liking/Loving Tendency Reason-Respecting Tendency Reciprocity Social-Proof Tendency Twaddle Tendency to Tweet
  • 3/ When I was writing my Charlie Munger book I wanted the book to be funnier to make it easier to read. I asked a few people whether I should include a few jokes and they said "no." I included the jokes anyway. A book is personal. Write what *you* want.Link to Tweet

About Book

This book presents the essential steps of Charlie Munger's investing strategy, condensed from interviews, speeches, writings, and shareholder letters and paired with commentary from fund managers, value investors, and business-case historians. Munger's approach is straightforward enough that ordinary investors can apply it to their portfolios.