by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Book Reviews

  • Now more than ever Antifragile is worth a read. During a time of uncertainty, those who will thrive will be robust individuals, teams, and families who can absorb bouts of chaos b/c they are antifragile. Still one of my favorite "general thinking" books. to Tweet
  • 10/ For more interesting insights on the topic, I highly recommend reading @nntaleb's Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder. It is simply foundational! to Tweet
  • 9/ Special thank you to @nntaleb, whose writing on this subject (and others) in Antifragile has been essential to managing my own information diet. Check out Antifragile and all of his other works. They are foundational. to Tweet
  • @BooksChatterBot This is a cool idea! Please add all the books found at the following link. These are the best of the best - the top 5% of what is now over 600 books read and summarized to Tweet

About Book

Shares insights into how adversity can bring out the best in individuals and communities, drawing on multiple disciplines to consider such topics as the superiority of city states over nation states and the drawbacks of debt.