An Anxious Age

by Joseph Bottum

Book Reviews

  • @nytdavidbrooks On how the secularized Protestantism became our current civil religion and the rise of the Elect, aka the political energized managerial elite, by @JosephBottum -- to Tweet
  • The "decent church-goin' women, with their mean, pinched, bitter, evil faces" of yesterday (to quote Burroughs), are the blue-check media crowd and institutional mandarins of today. Recommend Bottum on the topic. to Tweet
  • @rezendi It's subtle. I recommend reading @JosephBottum's 'An Anxious Age' for how the church-going Episcopalian of the past became today's Whole Foods-shopping, BLM-sign-waving White liberal. to Tweet
  • Back to Protestantism: I'd never discerned the direct relationship between the bien-pensant liberalism of the Whole Foods class with the implosion of post-war Mainline Protestantism until I read @JosephBottum's excellent 'An Anxious Age'. Recommended. to Tweet